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Here's the zine with hot new moves for every occasion. Including:

When the dead woman you're exploiting has something to say,

When stories don't end so much as bleed into each other,

When you need to save Weird Al's dream from his own depression,

When what looks like nonsense means something to you and you need it to mean something to them,

When you're discovering marvelariffic crawlimers in nonspecifical dimensiocosms,

When you're documenting the peculiar lives and unpleasant ends of perplexing souls,

When you are best friends, even though it's hard.

Poetry has always been a genre of story game. These are just some fun new ways to play.

This 32 page zine contains 10 Poetry games as well as an introductory discussion of poetic forms as games. The titles include:

  •  What She Meant: An asymmetric game where one player is a forger whose brilliant poet mother is  trying to communicate from beyond death and the other players are fans, critics, or other vultures staking a claim on the interpretation of her legacy, played via letter or e-mail.
  •  Laughter or a Lit Flame: A hack of renga (the collaborative poetic form that is the origin of haiku) which was a finalist for the 2017 200 Word RPG Contest.
  •  The Untimely Endings: A silly alphabet acrostic party game of miserable Gorey-esque limericks.
  •  The Misnaturalists of Zifyex: Basically the same game but for discovering crazy Dr. Seuss-esque creatures.
  •  Weird Al Doesn't Want To: A reunion LARP for friends where you are all Weird Al's assistants trying to create a pitch for a jukebox parody Broadway musical. 
  •  The Translation Game: A game about interpretation and translation using modified Oulipo techniques to radically transform a text.
  •  Friends Forever: An infinitely long game for two best friends, forever or not.
  •  Rectification: A poetry game for optimists.
  •  The Poets Tell Us: A tiny expansion for campaign-style Microscope (requires a copy of Microscope by Ben Robbins, available from Lame Mage)
  •  Never Metagame I Didn't Like: A pun writing game for board game nights.


Buy Now$7.50 USD or more

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Do you like games? Do you like poetry? Sedentary Dances has 10 mini analogue games that read like poetry!